Medicaid Rides

RMTD Paratransit is one of the local Medicaid Transportation providers.  Medicaid rides are available at no charge for persons holding a medical card who need transportation to medical facilities only and who may not be eligible for Rockford Paratransit.

Medicaid riders must schedule a ride 24 hours in advance. To schedule a Medicaid ride, the passenger must provide RMTD Paratransit with a 8 digit or higher approval number along with the pick-up and drop-off  identifiers which they can obtain from First Transit.  To get an approval number from First Transit, call 1(877) 725-0569.  Once the approval number is given, passengers should then call (815) 961-2255 Monday through Saturday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.  When calling to schedule a ride, please have the 8 digit First Transit number ready to give to the scheduler. Medicare rides are scheduled only if RMTD Paratransit has availability. Priority is always given to certified Paratransit riders under the provisions specified under the ADA.

If you are a Medicaid rider covered by an MCO (Managed Care Organization), please contact your MCO transportation broker directly and inform them that you would like to be transported by Rockford Mass Transit District (RMTD) to your medical appointments.  The MCO transportation broker may then send you MCO vouchers to be used for your trips.  Once you receive the MCO vouchers, call Rockford Paratransit at (815) 961.2255 and schedule your rides.  At that time, please inform us that you will be using MCO vouchers as payment and provide the MCO Voucher numbers which are stamped on each voucher.  Rides must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.  The driver will collect the voucher when  you board the vehicle.