Press Releases:

RMTD announce route changes to Belvidere.

The Rockford Mass Transit District is excited to announce Paratransit system upgrades. Click the link below to read more.

RMTD Updates:

In addition, effective Monday, July 01, 2024, RMTD’s limited service #24 Belvidere Route will be eliminated.

All current #24 Route customers are directed to utilize the Boone County Demand Response service operated by BCCA for trips in Boone County/Belvidere and to make connections to RMTD fixed route service at the RMTD Eastside Transfer Center (ESTC) at 725 N. Lyford Road in Rockford beginning Monday, July 01, 2024.

RMTD will be providing free trolley service for Rockford’s City Market once again this year. The trolley will Run Every Friday from 3:30 p.m.- 9:30 p.m. The Trolley route is attached below. All physical trolley bus stops identifiable by their green casing.

RMTD Receives 6.3 Million In Federal Funding for Buses

City of Rockford and RMTD Announce Free Rides for Veterans and Students

The City of Rockford and the Rockford Mass Transit District announced on Monday, December 20, 2021 that starting January 3, 2022, veterans and students K-12 will be able to ride on the RMTD Fixed Route System for free.

Students in grades K-12 need only to show their school ID cards to the drivers as they board the buses.  If they attend a school that does not issue an ID card and are in grades K-12, they can purchase an RMTD Student Free Ride ID card for $2.00 at either of our Transfer Center locations and show this to the driver as they board.  They must present proof of Identity and proof of enrollment in a K-12 program to get and RMTD photo ID

Our veterans will also need to obtain a Free Ride Veterans ID to identify them as a veteran.  Once they have that ID card, they also need only show this to the operator to get a free ride. To obtain an RMTD ID card veterans can go to either RMTD transfer center and present proof of identity and proof or military service. Due to a generous donation from the community member at large, the cost of the $5.00 ID fee has been paid for the first 50 veterans who come to get an ID card.