Telephone : 815-961-9000
Fax : 815-961-9892
Address : 520 Mulberry Rockford, IL 61101

Electronic Mail

General Information:  mail@rmtd.org

Executive Director, Michael Stubbe: Mstubbe@rmtd.org

Operations Manager (Issues / Shelter Placement), Dennis Hendricks: Dhendricks@rmtd.org

Human Resources Manager, Susan Campbell:  Scampbell@rmtd.org

Maintenance Manager, Lawrence Tennial:  LTennial@rmtd.org

DBE / Grant Management, Paula Hughes:  Phughes@rmtd.org

Marketing & Public Relations Specialist/EEO Officer:  Lisa Brown: Lbrown@rmtd.org

Community Room Rental / FOIA Officer:  Ejenkins@rmtd.org

Ticket Sales Tricia Reed: Treed@rmtd.org

Here are some valuable links to our business partners:

State of Illinois Benefit Access Program  https://www.illinois.gov/aging/BenefitsAccess/Pages/default.aspx

Illinois Public Transportation Association:


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