Get the Token Transit App. No Cash. No Cards. No Contact.

RMTD riders have a new way to purchase and Transfer fares. Anyone with a smart phone can download the new Token Transit app from either Google Play Store or the App Store. Once downloaded, a few simple steps are all it takes to purchase fares from your phone.

  1. Select RMTD, Rockford, IL from the list of Agencies
  2. Select rider profile
  3. Select your fare type and hit confirm
  4. Set your payment by adding your debit or credit card information
  5. Click on Confirm Choice, then Confirm Purchase
  6. When ready to use the fare, click on the pass on your phone. NOTE, clicking the fare activates the pass and the time available starts counting down.
  7. Show this to the driver when you board the vehicle. Easy Peasy!

For more information, watch the Token Transit video.


Cash Fares

Children (under 5 must be accompanied by an adult) – FREE
Children (ages 5 thru 11) – without Student School ID or RMTD Student ID card – $ .75
Students, Grades K-12 with School ID or RMTD Student ID card – FREE

Adults (18 years & older) without a reduced fare ID – $1 .50

Disabled Citizens (with valid RMTD photo ID)* – $0.75
Disabled Citizens enrolled in Illinois Benefits Access program* – FREE (with valid RMTD photo ID)

*Any person with a Medicare Card can qualify for reduced fare service on the RMTD system. 

Senior Citizens (age 65 and over with valid RMTD photo ID) – FREE

Veterans (with valid RMTD photo ID) – FREE

Photo ID Forms

Disabled Citizen Photo ID form:

Click below to complete the form for an RMTD Disabled ID.  Bring the completed form, proof of identity and $5.00 to either RMTD Transfer Center and RMTD will issue the Disabled ID.

Below is the link for information and enrollment in the State of Illinois Benefits Access Program.


Student Photo ID form:

Students in grades K-12 can ride for free by presenting their school issued ID card to the driver. If a student does not have an ID card they may obtain an RMTD Student ID card by coming to either RMTD Transfer Center. Students must bring proof of identity and proof of enrollment in grades K-12. The cost for the Student ID is $2.00 and it is good for the current school year starting in August and ending in July.

Senior Citizen Photo ID form:

Senior citizens 65 and older may ride for free if they have an RMTD photo ID card. The cost for the ID card is $5.00.  Seniors must present proof of age, complete the form below and pay the $5.00 fee in order to obtain the card. ID cards are issued at either RMTD Transfer Center.  Click here for the form to complete and print out.

ID form Seniors


Veterans can ride for free on the RMTD fixed route with a valid RMTD Veterans Photo ID. To obtain an ID card, Veterans can come to either RMTD Transfer Center, bring proof of identity and proof of service. The cost for the ID is $5.00.

Ticket Fares

Adult Single Ride – $1.50 Disabled Half Fare Single Ride Ticket (with valid RMTD photo ID) – $.75

Adult Ten Ride Tickets – $15.00
Disabled Citizen Ten-Ride Ticket (with valid RMTD photo ID) – $7.50

NEW!! 30-Day Unlimited Student Pass “U-Pass”- $27.00 (for students seeking post-secondary education only)

NEW!! All Day Unlimited Ride Saver Pass – $3.00

NEW!! All Day Unlimited Ride Half Fare Saver Pass (with valid RMTD photo ID) – $1.50

7 Day Unlimited Ride Saver Pass – $16.00
30 Day Unlimited Ride Saver Pass – $55.00

30 Day Unlimited access “U-Pass”-$27.00
(Not transferable.   Unlimited Ride passes may only be used by the purchaser.  Valid only on RMTD)

To order tickets, please contact Teresa Brown @ 815.961.9000 or tickets@rmtd.org


Transfers are good for one hour and should be used on the first bus passing the transfer point.   Transfers are issued anywhere two RMTD bus routes meet or cross over.

Zone Fare

Any passenger boarding or alighting the #19 CherryVale route will be asked to pay the additional $0.25 Zone Fare.  Bus passes not accepted in Zone Fare.

Fare Requirements

  • All tickets are non-refundable and can be redeemed for rides only.
  • Any person with a Medicare Card can qualify for reduced fare service on the RMTD system.
  • Any person with a Medicare Card enrolled in the Illinois Benefit Access Program can ride for free.
  • Riders must first obtain the appropriate RMTD photo ID.
  • RMTD drivers DO NOT carry change.

Transfer Fares

Transfer tickets now with email! Not only can you purchase tickets digitally through Token Transit, but you also can transfer passes to others via email. Check out this link to learn more!