Code of Conduct

At RMTD we expect our riders to adhere to a basic standard of civility and respect amongst each other and with our staff. To that end, we have outlined below a Code of Conduct that will help insure safety and an enjoyable transit experience for all. For details on our Code of Conduct and the accompanying expectations, please click on the link below.


RMTD Winter Weather Tips…………

Winter weather is upon us once again in Rockford Illinois. During the winter season it’s a good idea to be prepared when riding the bus when you want to avoid the hassle of driving in poor weather conditions.

Here are a few of our teams recommended safety tips you should take into consideration when you ride during winter weather:

  • Dress warm and in layers. Remember to always dress appropriately for the weather. What you wear can make a big impact on how cold weather affects you.
  • Watching the local news for the forecast is one of the easiest ways to stay informed on upcoming weather and how to prepare for it.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Anticipate possible delays. During periods of heavy snow and ice, buses, like traffic, may fall behind schedule.   When possible, try and take an earlier trip.
  • Try to clean off snow from your shoes prior to boarding the bus. Keeping shoes as clean as possible before boarding the bus helps prevent the bus floors from getting wet and slippery.
  • Be careful when boarding buses. Wait until the bus has come to a complete stop before trying to board. Make sure to hold handrails when boarding, walking or standing inside the bus.  
  • DO NOT stand in the street or wait at the top of a snow bank.  Pick a safe area that will not place you in danger from traffic. 
  • Avoid crowding the curb line as the bus approaches the bus stop. Standing too close to the curb is always dangerous, but even more so during inclement weather.
  • Take extra measures when commuting at night. Hold a flashlight so that the driver can see you waiting at a stop. If possible, wear reflective apparel or safety bands on your coat or other clothing.
  • Reflective clothing is always recommended for children when traveling at night.

Your safety is our first concern. Our operators are professionals.  Their responsibility is to get you safely to your destination.