The General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is an open standard used to package scheduled transit data. Numerous transit agencies worldwide, including RMTD, produce GTFS data to be integrated into mapping and navigation services like Google Maps.

We currently include the following tables in the RMTD GTFS Feed (links point to more detailed information on Google Code):

  1. agency.txt – basic agency information
  2. stops.txt – list of stop locations for bus and train, also includes parent station info for trains
  3. routes.txt – route list with unique identifiers
  4. trips.txt – has information about each trip taken by a CTA vehicle
  5. stop_times.txt – scheduled arrival/departure times for each stop on each trip
  6. calendar.txt – defines which service IDs operate on which days
  7. calendar_dates.txt – has exceptions to calendar (such as a holiday when a Sunday schedule is operated)
  8. shapes.txt – defines how to draw a route line on a map
  9. frequencies.txt – defines headways when trips aren’t specifically scheduled, but sent as-needed (such as service that follows a major event)
  10. transfers.txt – has additional information to guide trip planners into identifying two stops as a transfer point and how much extra time to give people to transfer between services