Good News for RVC Riders

Hey RVC riders. Effective Monday, 8.21, RMTD will now be turning into the campus from Mulford Road and stopping at the Health Services Bldg AND the shelters where we have always stopped.  We will be doing this Monday thru Friday during the day only.  Nite RVC stops remain unchanged.

N Alpine & Burden Road Construction

Effective Monday, August 14, 2017,due to construction N Alpine @ Burden will be closed.

The Alpine Crosstown North will detour as follows:

From N. Alpine Road, stop at Servicom bus stop, then left turn into Servicom parking lot and go back to N. Alpine heading south to L – Steele Dr, R – Burden and resume regular route.

This detour is expected to last 1 week or until construction is done.


Riverside Blvd Closure and Detour

UPDATED:  6.23.17.  Effective Monday, June 19, 2017, due to bridge construction, E Riverside blvd will be closed from Jensen Dr. to Garden Plain Ave. The following detour will be in effect.

City Loop South: from Riverside, R – Walker, L – Clifford, L – N 2nd, R – Riverside and resume regular route.

City Loop North: from Riverside, L – Dale, R – Clifford, R – Walker, L Riverside and resume regular route.

This detour is in effect until November 2017

Alpine Crosstown Detour

Effective 6.1.17.  Due to construction, Harlem Rd will be closed between Forest Hills and Alpine. The following detours apply for the #20 Alpine Crosstown

#20 Alpine Crosstown North detour is as follows:

From Forest Hills Rd, L Hwy 173, R Alpine, resume regular route to Target bus stop. Note, the last stop for Forest Hills northbound will be Henry Street at Subway.

The #20 Alpine Crosstown South detour is as follows:

From Target, L Alpine, R Windsor and resume regular route.

Alpine southbound stops south of Harlem will be the mall entrance near Chase Bank, Maple Ave & Alpine and Alpine & Windsor before right turn.

This detour is expected to last for 30 days.

For comments or concerns, please CALL 815.961.9000.


Hey – Who’s Going to the Rockford City Market?

We are! We are!!!  and if you are too, click on the link below to find out how to use our super convenient park and ride Trolley shuttle. And don’t forget, starting June 3rd, the trolley will be making a stop a the Nicholas Conservatory for the Bruce Munro Lighted Exhibit.    2017 RCM trolley schedule

RMTD Expands Medicaid Ride Program

Effective immediately, Rockford Paratransit will now schedule and provide Medicaid rides any time during its standard hours of operation pending availability. Rockford Paratransit is one of the local Medicaid transportation providers in our community. Medicaid rides, now during all hours of operation, are available to all Medicaid riders who have a Medicaid Recipient Identification number (RIN), who need transportation to medical facilities who may not otherwise be eligible for Rockford Paratransit.

Until now, Rockford Paratransit only scheduled and provided Medicaid rides during the hours of 9:00 a.m. thru 2:00 p.m., Monday thru Friday pending availability. Effective February 13, 2017, Medicaid riders may now schedule and use Rockford Paratransit whenever it is in service provided there is availability. To utilize Rockford Paratransit for a Medicaid trip, users must schedule a ride at least 24 hours in advance. Scheduling a Medicaid ride with Rockford Paratransit involves first getting a 7 digit approval number and pick up and drop off identifier codes from First Transit. First Transit is the call center that the Illinois Healthcare and Family Services contracted with to provide the review of prior authorizations for most non-emergency transportation. Once the rider has the codes from First Transit, they may then call Rockford Paratransit to schedule their medical related trip.

The phone number for First Transit is 1-877-725-0569. Phone number for Rockford Paratransit is 1-815-961-2255.

Never Miss A Bus Again!

Want to always be in the know?  Click here, to subscribe to RMTD service text alerts. You can get all route and schedule information or you can pick just the specific routes you ride.  All passengers should pick the general alert and whatever else they are interested in. General alerts will be where system wide notifications are posted.

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Benefit Access Application

Anyone interested and/or eligible for the Benefit Access program, (formerly Circuit Breaker) should follow this link to learn about new eligibility requirements and enrollment information.  Benefit Access Application