Auburn & Kilburn Detour

Due to Construction the intersection at Auburn & Kilburn will be closed for approximately 1 day. The following routes will be affected starting May 20, 2016

Inbound #2 School Street – from Auburn, R Russel, L Taylor, R Kilburn and resume route.

Outbound #6 Kilburn – from Kilburn, R Whitman, L Rockton, L Glenwood and resume route

Inbound #6 Kilburn – from Liberty, L Kilburn, R Custer, R Rockton, L into Transfer Center

#31 Auburn/Rockton – from Auburn, R Russell, L Taylor, R Kilburn, L Whitman, L Horseman, R Auburn, L Rockton and resume route.

Employees of the Year!

The Rockford Mass Transit District is pleased to announce the following Employee of the Year winners for 2015.


1st Place – Bill McGuire

2nd Place – James Gladney

3rd Place – Jesus Meraz


1st Place – Julio Rios

2nd Place – Larry Peugh

3rd Place – Miketha Searcy


1st Place – Matt Shoemaker

2nd Place – Jim Donnelli

3rd Place – David McLain

Please join us in congratulating them on a job well done!

#11 E. State detour

Due to the heavy construction at the intersection of Bell School and E. State, please be advised that we will not be turning on Bell School. The detour is Inbound E. State, R on Sundae, L on Argus, resume route.

Another Detour #7 S Main

Hey S. Main riders, effective Wednesday, April 6, 2016 the following detour will go into effect until further notice:

Due to construction the south bound lanes on S. Main will be closed. The detour is R-Mulberry, R Church, R Cedar, L Winnebago, L Montague, R South Main and resume route.

This will affect #7 S Main & #34/44 Harrison Alpine.  Please call 961.9000 for more info

Never Miss A Bus Again!

Want to always be in the know?  Click here, to subscribe to RMTD service text alerts. You can get all route and schedule information or you can pick just the specific routes you ride.  All passengers should pick the general alert and whatever else they are interested in. General alerts will be where system wide notifications are posted.

What’s That Sticker?

RMTD is in the process of adding a new technology/app for our riders with Smart phones to determine when the next bus will come along.  We currently are in the process of finalizing the coding and posting the text code information on our shelters.  We anticipate having all of the shelters coded and the system live within the next two months.  RMTD will be advertising this program and app when it is installed and accurate.  Look for future announcements.

Have You Called to Connect Yet?

Taking you beyond … and back!

You get off the bus at Target 173 but you need to go to OSF Rock Cut, MP Armory or Meijer Grocery Store.  No worries, schedule a ride on RMTD’s new Call to Connect service and we will take you there. Problem solved.

Rockford Mass Transit’s New Call to Connect service picks up where our fixed route leaves off. Call us up to 24 hours before your trip and schedule your ride to the Armory, Meijer or OSF Rock Cut. We will meet you at the Target on I73 with our Call to Connect vehicle and take you to your final destination. Schedule a return trip and we will take you back to Target to connect with our Fixed Route. And, we will do this for the simply the cost of the Fixed Route fare. The Call to Connect transfers are free!

Call us at 815.961.2255 to schedule your ride. Call to Connect. Taking your beyond … and back.

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